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for Permanent Makeup

Immediately Following Your Appointment:

For the first hour after the appointment, blot brows with the cotton pads to remove the lymph (clear liquid) on the brows. Do not let this build up and dry, It will cause large scabs and result in flaky brows.



Wash your new brows, for the first time, the evening AFTER the day of your appointment. This means after a full 24 hrs has past from your appointment end time.

How To Wash:

  • Wash hands

  • Apply a SMALL amount of provided soap and gently wash in the direction of the hair. Use a LIGHT swipe across the eyebrow, just to help remove excess oil, lymph etc. Be sure to do this OUTSIDE of the shower, over the sink. This will ensure control of the water, temperature and avoid contamination of other products.

  • GENTLY rise with cool/lukewarm water (not hot).

  • Pat dry with clean paper towel, tissue or cotton pad. Do not use a rag or cloth.

  • Apply a THIN coat of the provided ointment provided, DO NOT apply a thick, heavy layer. Apply like a chapstick rather than like a lotion.

For The Next Two Weeks:

  • Apply the provided ointment morning and night for 14 days. It should last through your healing process, both the original application and the touch up. It is only necessary to use a rice grain size amount for both brows. You may apply the ointment more than twice if you feel that your brows are dry,itchy or tight, as long as you are applying thin amounts each time.

  • Wash each evening with the provided cleanser.


*DO NOT use an exfoliator.


Please AVOID for the NEXT 2 WEEKS:

  • Picking, peeling, scratching, of the microbladed areas

  • ALL creams/ soaps (except the post-treatment care)

  • ALL makeup on the area

  • ALL gym activities (this includes Pilates, yoga and low exertion exercise)

  • ALL activities that involve excess sweating (hot showers, hot or dry sauna, pools, jacuzzi)

  • Sunbathing and tanning beds

  • Any laser or chemical treatment and/or peels

  • Creams containing Retinal, Glycolic Acids or Renova

  • Acne skin care products, on and around the brow area.

  • Facials of any kind 

  • Tweezing/waxing of the brow


Please AVOID in the NEXT 30 DAYS:

  • Sunbathing

  • Light therapies

  • Chemical Peels and Laser Peels

  • Fruit Acids

  • Microdermabrasions

  • Antibiotics (can lead to faster pigment fading)

  • Hormonal Therapy (can lead to faster pigment fading)


Lash Line Enhancement 

Before Booking:

  • No fake lashes - they have to be removed at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment and can’t be put back on til 2 weeks after the touch up.

  • No lash serums for at least one month before.

  • No lash lifts/tints at least 10 days prior, and must wait 2 weeks after touch up

  • No Blepharitis (eyelid infection, usually caused by poor makeup removal habits and falsies)

  • Eye surgery needs a min of 6 months before tattoo

  • Surgery on the actual eye itself needs a note from doctor

After Care

We recommend a dry healing method (until the scabs are gone - usually it takes about one week, might be longer for some, but generally about that time)

Day 1- may be some swelling by end of day. Clients may apply ice over a clean cloth, but not directly on skin.

Day 2- may be some swelling, but should go down by the end of this day or the next.

Day 3- skin may feel dry, this is normal. Light layer of coconut/grapeseed oil may be applied, but very carefully and not in excess.

Day 4+- continue to keep area dry and free of makeup/products until scabs are gone (no sauna, pools, sunbathing, do not peel scabs)

Between appointments, be careful not to use creams/products that contain acids or ingredients that will lighten or exfoliate the skin.

  • Blot lips every 10 minutes for the first hour after the appointment. This will reduce scabbing.

  • Be sure to use a cotton swab or clean hands when touching the lips.

  • Apply a thin layer of the given ointment starting 1 hour after the appointment. Keep the lips moisturized at all times but avoid thick layers of ointment.

  • Gently cleanse the lips with the provided cleanser each evening!

  • Swelling will go down within the first 24 hours.

  • You may apply ice 1 hour after the appointment.

  • Drink through a straw and avoid acidic food and drink for 72 hours.

  • Avoid spicy foods for 72 hours.

  • Do not pick or scratch scabs or flakes.

Avoid the following for 2 Weeks:

Excessive sweating


Saunas/ hot tubs

Hot showers/baths

Tanning/sun exposure

Laser/chemical treatments on the face

Retinal/glycolic acids

Additional products besides the given ointment

Kissing/ friction on the lips


Lip Blushing


Clean the application area 24 hours after the appointment. Then twice a day (morning and night) for 2 weeks.

Cleanse the area using a liquid, mild, fragrance free soap using only your hands. Do not use a rag or any other kind of facial cleaning tool/brush. These contain bacteria and can cause infection and they can reduce pigment retention. Be sure to rinse all of the soap off and then pat dry with a clean dry paper towel.

Apply a thin layer of the provided ointment after cleansing. This will soothe the area and protect against infection. Do not use anything else on your healing tattoo!

You may apply a gentle moisturizer or sunscreen after 1 week.

Be sure to have clean hands when touching the application area. Please ensure that any item that comes in contact with the application area is sanitary.

Avoid the following for 2 weeks:​

  • Acne products (Salicylic acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Anti-Aging products (Retinol and Retinoids), Topical prescriptions, Oils or acids. Basically do not apply anything additional to your skin that was not provided to you.

  • Pick, pull or scratch, this will affect your overall results.

  • Submersion of the application area. Do not soak face in shower or bath. Avoid swimming (pool, lake, ocean).

  • Excessive sweating (exercise, sauna).

  • Direct sun exposure (tanning bed, sun bathing), try to shade the face when enjoying the outdoors. 

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